Ability to Travel

All of our consultants are able to travel domestically1for holders of EU passports, “domestic” includes all member nations, and most can travel internationally.  There may, however, be some limits or restrictions.  The airplane icon on each consultant’s page indicates their ability to travel.  A grey icon indicates domestic travel only.  A black icon indicates international travel.  Contact the consultant to discuss specifics.


Even if a consultant indicates they are available for international travel, there may be restrictions.  As colleagues in international business, we trust that are able to understand the many limitations and restrictions that individuals may be subject to.  Some of these limitations may be self-imposed, but many are beyond the control of the consultants.  Examples of limitations may include:

Political Prohibitions

Political dictates of, and  relations between, countries may prevent (or significantly restrict) passport holders from entering some countries.

Personal Limits

Some consultants may not be available for distant or extended travel because of obligations to employers or family, health, or other reasons. In some situations, Consultants may feel unsafe or uncomfortable traveling to certain destinations.

Host Responsibilities


It is the responsibility of the hosting company or organization to secure all documents and permissions required, and pay all fees, for consultants to legally enter the host country for the purposes of conducting business.  The hosting company shall pay all costs associated with obtaining a legal and valid business or cultural-exchange visa to the hosting country.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will a consultant enter a country with a visa which does not allow them to legally engage in the requested activities.

Travel Costs

The host shall pay all reasonable travel costs.  While Consultants are free to negotiate the specifics of their contract, the following are the standard expectations for each level of travel.


The extent of “local travel” shall be determined by the Consultant, but shall include a distance of no less than 100km (60mi).  Within this distance, the Consultant may negotiate for reimbursement of travel expenses for public transport, hired driver (taxi, uber, etc,), or “gas money”.  If the engagement lasts 4 hours or more, a small meal or stipend for eating is expected.


If the destination is more than 200km (120mi) from the Consultant’s home, the Host will provide appropriate transportation via coach, train, air, or private driver. Domestic travel of less than 6 hours may be economy class2Flight-time only, layovers and non-flying time do not apply. Flights longer than 6 hours shall be business class or “economy plus”.

The Consultant shall be provided, or compensated for, a standard meal for every 4 hours at the hosting location.


International travel, or travel of more than 6 hours, shall be at business-class or above, and shall include accommodations.


If accommodations are required, the Host shall provide–at the Host’s expense–a minimum of a private room with private toilet and shower facilities.

The Host shall provide any documentation required for accommodation of a foreigner at the hotel, and assist in any additional registration procedures required by the local government.

Accommodation in a private residence is an option, if approved by the Consultant.


The Host is entirely responsible for assuring that the Consultant is aware of and following all applicable laws and customs.


With the exception of legal and financial considerations, all of the above may be negotiated with individual Consultants.

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. for holders of EU passports, “domestic” includes all member nations
2. Flight-time only, layovers and non-flying time do not apply