SEO in a Global Marketplace

As I mentioned in my last post about the different kinds of English, there are a lot of small details that can cause big problems. When you’re talking about websites, those problems often fall into the realm of SEO. For those of you who don’t know what SEO is, it stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Or, as I like to put it “Getting Google to love you”.

Is your business worth 50 cents?

Is Your Business Worth a Loaf of Bread?

When you’re dealing with your customers are you selling “day old bread”? Are you trying to get away with things? Are you lying to them and hoping they don’t notice?

Disaster preparation and Public Relations

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition

Public Relations is about your relationship with the public. It is not about marketing your products. When something goes wrong–and something will go wrong–the relationship you have built with the public will often be the deciding factor between disapproving looks and wagging fingers on the one hand, or the pitchforks and torches of righteous outrage on the other.

5 Cliches to Help Your Company

When working with a company to create their Message, Voice, and Tone, I utilize an unlikely tool: 5 cliché questions from job interviews. While the questions may be clichés–and often misused in interviews–they still provide a simple way for companies (and people) to think about who they are and what they want to accomplish.

Who Are You: The Tone

At some point in this process you’re going to say “Wait a minute. We’re dealing with a global market. We can’t talk to everyone in the world the same way!” That’s where the Tone comes in. You take your Message, and your Voice, and you adapt it to fit the culture and market. While you may say the same thing to your mother and your daughter, you say them differently. That’s Tone.

Who Are You: The Voice

Voice is where you really start defining your company as a “personality”. Are you “young and exciting” or “wise and well-established”? Are you “Calm and reassuring” or a “daring risk taker”? If your company was a person, who would that person be?

Who Are You: The Message

 As I said yesterday, explaining who you are involves 3 aspects: Message, Voice, and Tone. The Message is “what you say”. This is the primary focus of your marketing–who you are, why your product is good, etc. So Billy’s Burgers will focus on “Amish-raised American beef, homemade buns, and Grandpa’s secret BBQ sauce”, while Smith, […]

Who Are You?

It’s a simple question–but one that many companies aren’t able to answer. Who, Not What When presented with the question “Who are you?” companies((or, to be more specific, their staff)) will respond with comments about their product.  Maybe they’ll talk about their location or their place in the market.  That’s not who they are, that’s what […]

One Plus Three

Answering questions in front of the press is tricky. But there’s a good rule of thumb to help you stay focused and quotable: One Plus Three