Market Reach


Regional services focus on your home state and those nearby.  We put primary focus on your local area, secondary focus on large cities in the region, and then on the overall region.  At higher levels, advertising campaigns can be targeted at specific zip codes.


National marketing covers the entire United States 1Contact us for information on other countries.  Some parts of the marketing campaigns will be designed for the entire country, while others will be targeted by region, state, or zip code.  For Multi-Stream packages, we will work with consultants and media outlets across the country to assure that our marketing has a “local feel” in every region.


Global marketing will utilize native-speakers and local experts from around the world to assure that your message resonates with the target market.  Campaigns will be targeted by language, cultural market (e.g., European Union, Latin America, South-East Asia, etc.), and/or specific country.  All marketing will be vetted through local consultants to avoid any cultural mistakes or misunderstandings.


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1. Contact us for information on other countries