Marketing Setup Services

Lighten the Load

Building and running a small business or start-up is a difficult job with a host of responsibilities.  Let us take a little of that load off your shoulders.  As a Marketing Consultant, we will work with you to develop a strong and consistent voice for your company.  We’ll work with you to design a marketing plan that is attractive to your target market, and fits within your budget.

Knowing Your Voice

First and foremost, we’ll work with you to set your voice.  Your voice is how you present yourself to the public, and how they get to know who you are behind the logo.  Young, old, exciting, conservative, masculine, feminine, causal, professional, playful, reserved, or silly:  Consistency in your voice is even more important than consistency in your message.  It’s how you build a rapport with your customers.

Parts of the Package

Every marketing plan is unique to that specific company.  The toolbox we use to build it contains a familiar set of tools, however.

We will…

  • Create a Style Guide spelling out how you will present your self.  This includes official logos, company colors (in RGB, CMYK, Pantone, MS Office, LibreOffice, and greyscale), document fonts, e-mail signature lines, letterhead, posting styles for blogs and social media, and more.
  • Build a reasonable and sustainable marketing budget plan.
  • Establish priorities and focus for paid advertising (more is not always better).
  • Set topics and priorities for social media accounts, based on customer demographics and expectations
  • Build initial AdWords campaigns and lay out a path for keyword maintenance, focused campaigns, and expansion.
  • Build an overall marketing plan showing where to start, setting benchmarks for success, and laying out paths for expansion in to new markets.
  • Train your staff on how to effectively use all of the above.