Introductions for Business

New Markets are Waiting

We are fully within the age of the Global Market.   Communication, logistics, and the internet have broken down the barriers, allowing businesses–small to large–to expand across the globe, and reap the benefits of a global market.  All one needs to do is follow the appropriate laws, get a good translator, and roll out your product in the new market.  Right?


They Aren’t You

Entering into a new market requires understanding where you’re going and who you’re speaking to. It’s about more than market statistics and demographics.  It’s about insight into the motivations, fears, habits, and taboos of the cultures and people you want to do business with.  Stepping into a market without understanding the basics of the culture can be a recipe for disaster.  Just ask Home Depot about their venture into China.

We Can Introduce You

Geekistan’s consultants provide your business with initial insights into the cultures and markets you hope to enter.  Our consultants are local business people and long-term expats who have extensive experience and insight to help you navigate the initial stages of market entrance and business relationships.

We do not tell you how to do business.  We tell you how to understand the people you’re doing business with.

Corporate Lectures

Half-day introduction lectures for 20 or more attendees

  • Cultural oversight
  • Cultural comparison
  • Attitudes and actions
  • Business and industrial philosophies

Executive Training

Focused training for 1-10 individuals

  • Business greetings and interactions
  • Basic language for travel
  • Business philosophies–dangers and expectations
  • Social expectations and interactions
  • Tricks, traps, and taboos
  • Important minutiae

Travel Prep

Introduction to cultural and business aspects for 1-6 first-time travelers.

  • Avoiding culture shock
  • Travel language basics
  • Social interactions and expectations
  • Tricks, traps, and taboos