Services & Rates

We offer a wide range of services to companies looking to improve their ability to present themselves in foreign markets.  Dealing with other cultures is not just about learning the language and laws, it’s about understanding how that culture thinks.


Culture and Language

  • Cultural training for local staff regarding foreign business expectations and policies
  • Cultural training for local staff regarding social interaction with foreign business colleagues
  • Language training as related to foreign media and marketing
  • Etiquette

Public Relations

  • Establishment of, and training in, “best practice” procedures relating to foreign PR
  • Establishment of a Damage Control policy and Critical Response Protocols
  • Training in public speaking and presentation techniques

Press Relations

  • Creation of a formal press kit
  • Establishment of a Company Message
  • Establishment of a Company Voice
  • Interview techniques

Classes, Seminars, & Workshops


Our rates are calculated based on an array of factors including type of service, company size, travel requirements, location, and audience size.  For a quote, please use our contact form.