Business Seminars

The Global Market Looks Good

The internet and the “Information Age” has opened up the world, providing a broader and more in-depth view of markets, cultures, and the people who comprise them.

Understanding Needs the Right Perspective

What we see on the television and internet, however, only tells part of the story.  The discussions are filtered; some by custom, some by agenda, and some by force of law.  Perspectives are skewed, and entire areas hidden from view.  Stories are manipulated and exaggerated to fit personal and political agendas.  And the disconnect in understanding can leave you with a twisted and unrealistic view of the world outside your home.

We Can Show You How to See

Our consultants are more than just “well-traveled”, they have spent time living in cultures different than their own.  They have been immersed in the day-to-day minutiae which reveals the honest insight into a culture and its people.  We can’t show you everything about a different culture, but we can give you insight into areas you won’t see elsewhere, and give a glimpse of how to see more.  Below are some sample presentation topics.  If you have something specific you’d like to hear about, just ask

Cultural Events

Large-group speaking engagements for social groups, non-profits, and religious organizations

  • Introduction to a new culture
  • Faux pas and Flubs: Avoiding cultural mistakes and taboos
  • Cultural Armor:  Dealing with cultural differences
  • Understanding “Otherness”:  How to view cultural differences through the lens of similarity

Business Events

Large-group speaking engagements for business organizations, trade groups, or corporate events.

  • Cultural overview
  • Market Motivations:  What do consumers want?
  • Danger!:  Avoiding the tricks, traps, and taboos of the foreign market
  • Say What?:  Understanding the unwritten meanings of language and interaction