Academic Symposia

Education Opens the World

Education–real education, not just memorizing facts and formulas–comes from understanding.  As educators, it’s our goal to bring that understanding to our students; to teach them how to learn.  When your students learn how to learn, the world opens up to them, and they can truly start building their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Experience is Limited

You can, however, only teach what you know.  Resources are often incomplete, and knowledge bounded by personal experience.  It’s difficult–sometimes impossible–to open the doors of interest and understanding when discussing an area in which you have no personal experience.

We Can Expand the Horizon

As business consultants, we at Geekistan understand that the future of the global market starts with the curiosity of students.  And the power to utilize the global market to improve the lives of  everyone must be built upon a foundation of understanding.  We will bring our personal experience and insights and share them through anecdotes, exercises, and interactive Q&A.

Middle School

Age-appropriate symposia for a classroom or auditorium

  • Photos and personal anecdotes
  • Fun with language
  • Examining cultural difference
  • Showing cultural similarities
  • Questions from the class

High School

A mature look into another culture, including the positive and negative aspects of both systems, utilizing both humor and serious discussion

  • Photos and personal anecdotes
  • Comparing and contrasting cultures
  • Questioning assumptions and examining motives
  • Questions to and from the audience


A frank discussion regarding cultural and economic markets, using humor and stark contrast to get attendees to face their preconceptions and address their assumptions.

  • Personal anecdotes and insights into the specified culture
  • A look at cultural similarities and differences, and what they mean in a global market
  • Dispelling myths and revealing truths
  • Discussion on how our culture sees theirs, and they see ours.