Lucien Fantke

Lucien Fantke

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Lucien is the owner of Co-Op Training in Kunshan, Jiangsu, China.

A 2004 graduate of Potsdam University, Lucien has spent the greater share of his post-university time working in China.  Starting out as an EFL teacher, he quickly took on responsibilities in administration, corporate sales, and marketing.  His years in the Shanghai area have helped him to build a strong reputation with area businesses and an extensive network of both Chinese and European companies.

Lucien’s in-depth knowledge of Chinese business techniques, native understanding of German culture,and extensive experience in China combine to make him an excellent resource for Sino-German endeavors.  His training comes recommended by companies such as Kone, Siemens, Vataple, Trumpf, and Amazon, and he is comfortable working with all levels of employees from CEOs to machine operators.

Outside of the work environment, Lucien has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, allowing him to put a greater perspective on interactions.