Your Avatar is You

Your social media avatar is often your one chance to make a first impression. Getting it right is simple and free–and can go a long way to impressing potential clients.

Hounders, Hawkers, & Helpers

As a business, active engagement with our clients is something we are continually told is beneficial. As with any business advice, however, we need to dig deeper into the intent and understand the dangers in the phrase “too much of a good thing…” With the great advances in communication technologies over the past decades, it […]

SEO in a Global Marketplace

As I mentioned in my last post about the different kinds of English, there are a lot of small details that can cause big problems. When you’re talking about websites, those problems often fall into the realm of SEO. For those of you who don’t know what SEO is, it stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Or, as I like to put it “Getting Google to love you”.

Fighting With the Finance Department

When you start dealing with international business, however, you run into an interesting problem–words. Simple words like “invoice” and “receipt”. English has become the lingua franca for international business. But the words we use in English don’t always directly translate with the ideas and practices in other countries and cultures.

Yeah, But WHICH English Do You Speak?

As you venture out into the global marketplace–whether as a seller or a buyer, a host or a guest–try to remember that things aren’t always what they seem, and… that word? “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Is your business worth 50 cents?

Is Your Business Worth a Loaf of Bread?

When you’re dealing with your customers are you selling “day old bread”? Are you trying to get away with things? Are you lying to them and hoping they don’t notice?

Disaster preparation and Public Relations

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition

Public Relations is about your relationship with the public. It is not about marketing your products. When something goes wrong–and something will go wrong–the relationship you have built with the public will often be the deciding factor between disapproving looks and wagging fingers on the one hand, or the pitchforks and torches of righteous outrage on the other.