Cross Cultural Consulting

Enter the global market with your eyes open.

Setup for Startups

Custom-designed marketing systems for your small business or start-up. Easy-to-follow plans allow you to become your own marketing department.

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Introductions for Business

Help in understanding a culture before you enter the market. From standard greetings to cultural expectations, taboos, and faux pas.

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Cultural Introductions

A brief introduction to culture and society for social clubs, church groups, travelers, or those planning to move to a new country.

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Seminars & Events

Insights and overviews into doing business in foreign and global markets, designed for business seminars and corporate events.

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Academic Symposia

Workshops for middle-school to university; from basic introductions to in-depth discussions of societal attitudes and diversity in other countries.

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Our Mission

“Mentes Sine Terminus”–Minds Without Borders.  This is the driving force behind Geekistan and all that we do.  It is our mission to expand the reach of businesses and business people into new countries and new cultures.  We do this by providing information and insight, fostering understanding, and building an appropriate public image.